College Tip 1: How to have Fun when you are Low on Funds

On college and university campuses your bank account always gets really low at some point even if you have a job. There are random expenses and fees, for example you forgot to buy something you need for a class, a club or organization you are in needs to collect money from you, it’s the weekend, or the dining hall is closed so you must order food and many more reasons that require extra funds. However, often times a parent will provide money when you call, but some people don’t have the luxury or want to become less dependent and don’t want to ask their parent or guardian. So during the “struggle” period: the time when you have little money but refuse to let that keep you from living. It is inevitable that you will want to take a fun break from your academic routine when funds are low. When that moment arises you have to ask yourself: what you can do to meet new people, learn something new, learn about yourself, and just enjoy life … with little money?

Here are some free/cheap ideas that only require (if you decided to leave campus)

  • enough money for public transportation
  • phone charger
  • comfortable shoes
  • Water Bottle and snacks from home ( which is both low-cost and a sustainable practice)
  1. Use your best friend a.k.a Google©: Surf the web for free events in your city, this is especially fruitful in the spring and summer when free festivals and flea markets are booming. You don’t have to buy anything, it is just fun to be out! Plus you get to be outside enjoying the weather and community.
  2. Museums, Monuments and Art Galleries Oh My! : This one is pretty self-explanatory, but make sure you check the hours and double check that there are no entry fees. Why not learn more about the state or city you are in, especially if you choose to go to an out of state school.

Here something to do if you can’t or don’t want to leave campus

  1. Go to events on campus: most campus events offer food or snacks in abundance and no limit on how much you can take home! Also these events are generally free and allow you to interact with new people, learn more about the people you go to school with, and if you really get out of your comfort zone it will offer some new perspective.



College Tip Series

I decided that I would like to give out some tips for people who are in college (although this semester is already in session) or are preparing for college. The tips will pertain to the social aspects of college life.

Personally, I wish someone would have provided me with such insight when getting ready and being in school, but through my experiences I can help others. What I say isn’t law, but just a way spark some ideas and tell some of my truths about being a college student. The series will go on for a couple weeks giving you guys a post every Sunday ( I promise!)
Also if you anyone wants me to write about a specific subject, just let me know!



Music in the Summertime & Lauryn Hill

During the  summer there is nothing like going to concerts and music festivals with friends, meeting new people and having summer adventures. Plus the summer festivals are the breeding grounds for creativity and reinforcing open-mindedness, these events add something special to your summer. However the best part for music lovers, is the possibility of seeing your favorite artists in the  span of 3-4 months. Especially, when the people on your musical bucket list are in your area, depending on what kind of music you are into or a person who creates music that you connect with. photo 5(3)

Me personally the featured artist on my musical bucket include Jill Scott, Common, Yasin Bey ( Mos Def), Andre 3000, Erykah Badu, and Lauryn Hill to name a few. I obviously have a love and respect for neo-soul, R&B, and Hip Hop genres. Even though some artists aren’t on  my list doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind seeing them like  Beyonce or Kanye West ( as long as it doesn’t come out of my wallet) their the “icons” of this era. Honestly I love music enough to see most artists of today, the 90’s, and the stars from before then.

Anywho, Looking at my musical bucket list, I can successfully cross of Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill off my list. I recently saw Lauryn Hill while I was in Boston  at the House of Blues , which is a very popular, well-known venue for music and other large gatherings. My friend and I made a very spontaneous concert-going decision, because after I brought my ticket I was broke, but one of my personal philosophies is: I rather live life right now, than focus on the money I don’t have at the moment.  Plus I weighed the pros and cons and thought to myself why miss an opportunity to see this legend while visiting my best friend and to regain inspiration, but my exceptions for the concert didn’t match the reality of it.

If you are not familiar with  Lauryn Hill, here is an article that gives a general Bio of her life.  The reason I love her so much as an artist is because she is true to her art and to herself. Even though she has been out of the public eye for a while and hasn’t produce anything new, her fan base is still large and anticipating.  My appreciation for her is summed up in a statement she said in one of her tumblr post that partly explains why she has been away for over a decade , as it suggests  that she is creating something great.

       “I’ve been fighting for existential and economic freedom, which means the freedom to create and live without someone threatening, controlling, and/or manipulating the art and the artist, by tying the purse strings… have been working towards this for a long time, not just because of my current legal situation, but because I am an artist, I love to create, and I need the proper platform to do so.”

With all that said, I previously stated that the expectations for the concert didn’t match the reality because  she performed songs from her solo debut album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill in a new/interesting way. If you have heard some or all of this album you know it is a very emotional and powerful that is supported by her lyrical superiority especially in her songs: Lost Ones, Ex-Factor, and Doo Wop. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetSo to prepare myself for the concert I made sure that all my emotions were in order, I even prepared myself for a tear or two. The young woman who was standing behind me even said  ” I’m ready to cry”. Me in this person were in the same boat so to speak. After waiting a couple hours for Ms. Hill to hit the stage. When she finally starts her performance I’m in shock and awe because:

  1. It’s LAURYN HILL!!! In the same room as this legendary artist who is related to the Marley’s! ( insert high-pitched scream here)
  2. the music was not at all what I was expecting, granted I enjoyed the concert and all that. I was expecting some real tear-jerking moments and was denied that pleasure.
  3. Most of the songs were remixed to a upbeat hip-hip/ reggae sound, not including when she did her unplugged, which was smart on her part to make the concert more live. Yet, it really through me and my friend off . ( I have some video clips I’d post,but I  was singing along and I sound HORRIBLE).
  4. With the remixed songs it was hard to hear which song was which, my friend couldn’t even tell if “her” song was sung.

After the initial shock and  some time thinking to myself, I came to the realization that: yes Lauryn Hill has returned, but did she really? Is the  Ms. Hill of today the same as the one yesterday… Of course not! I’m sure 10 plus years out the game spurred change, but how has that and will that impact her music that we are now accustomed too?

Everyone loves her, but which one do we love?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetGenerally , ” we” as the audience give a lot of credit to celebrities regardless of time or the situation. It seems we don’t hold them accountable.  In the case of Ms. Hill, even though she is a legend  in the music world and well known for her part in upholding the Marley legacy, we negate the reality that it is time for her to produce something new and amazing. Not just the remixes of the songs we once loved. Even though I have read things in regarding her hiatus and her return and I believe she will produce something phenomenal when she releases new material, I am just weary that there will be a disconnect from the Lauryn Hill of then and now. That the music she gives us will not reach the bar that she set so high for herself.

what are your thoughts?

Take it from the top!

I am sure you have wondered where have I been and why I have not written in the last couple months. However, if you haven’t that is fine too…
This has been an interesting summer to say the least.  For a large portion of the summer I’ve been idle constantly thinking without my notepad in reach. With that said I am not using my idle-ness as an excuse to why I have removed myself from the blog-world. However, it does  suggest  writers block or rather a lost of inspiration and motivation.

Side Note:   I had a conversation with a friend who made the point that there is no such thing as “writers block” but that it is rather a loss of inspiration/motivation. I thought this was  a great point because a person, a writer can always write, but to write things that mean something requires a muse and motivation.

However, I have chosen to no longer stew in my lack of inspiration by plunging myself into entities of inspiration. I am working on rediscovering my passion to write and use my voice.  Simultaneously,  making a better me. I am back.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Stay tuned &  back to the art.

How Can You Not Appreciate a Madwoman?

No wallpaper, No red or yellow rooms. She thrives in her insanity, not limited by gatekeepers.  She bares no hat or thrives on tea. This madwoman is mental for she dare  push a Queen.  Not apologetic, doesn’t give a damn, mis-cite that source, Off goes your head! She will force you to read, which is a constant dread. Making you better is easier than said… Writing and fighting, this Madwoman with a laptop is something: Is she an inspiration or apparition, for in her post, she is never there. . . Drop the mad, just the woman all is done keep your spirits. you have taught, i have much to learn.Keep in touch

All that is left to say is thank you very much.

To the Underappreciated Black Man

I see you work hard,                                                                                         I worry for your wisdom untapped, battered.                                       I got your back,fight. ~ Me

This post is dedicated to the Black Men who have worked and are working hard to make a living for themselves and the others around them.  The men who are role models and teachers to youth and their peers, no matter class or intellect. This is definitely for the Black Men on university and college campuses who struggle for understanding, recognition, and opportunity. I am writing to the Black men  saturated with potential who are pushed aside and marginalized; unable to be seen past their inherit features that produced ongoing ridicule.  To the big brothers always taking care of their siblings being the keepers the country won’t be.  To the  passionately driven men,  who live for themselves and inspire others. The artists, bloggers, dances, photographers, musicians, doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, intellectuals… Thank you for working hard to build a strong foundation for the black community

This post was inspired by my close friends who are constantly sacrificing their lives to better the collective attitude of the community.

Dress for You and Others will Follow

This could be a fashion post about what celebrities wore to the Met Gala  but I don’t care for what they are wear. ( sorry for that corny rhyme there). I rather focus on what fashion means to an individual. How you dress as an extension of yourself and how you choose to express yourself on a day to day basis.

Personally, I have struggled with picking out what to wear for a good portion of my life especially in high school where life is just a maze, but once I started to grow and understand myself better, what I decided to wear became an outward expression of who I am.  Today people possibly title my style as: ethnic, unique, urban, earthy cool, and essence of the 90’s and more adjectives I cannot think of! But ultimately these words are indications of who I am and how I am.  I am a strong believer in striving to be different in all aspects of life. Especially in how a person dresses because before you interact with someone you see what the have on ( even though some days may just be a rushed outfit day) And who wants to dress like everyone else… Plus fashion and style are forms of art that I love with my whole being! Just like a person can be inspired by words and paintings. I am the same with clothes, accessorize, and shoes.  At the same time I can be uninspired, which makes me take longer to get dressed.It is all a matter of Inspiration.

As a fashionable individual and artist it is important to me to surround myself with friends who have a strong sense of personal style, so that I am always challenged and inspired. Here a few words from my style inclined friends:

“For a long time I’ve wondered why I was chosen to be in this body. Through self exploration I’ve learned to love myself genuinely and wear whatever I want. Bikinis and crop tops are not just for size 0 and I am not pretty for a big girl.                20140506-141312.jpg            I am Pretty Period. ” ~ Jasmine Everett  Instagram: @happilyeverettafter

“You have to choose to slay everyday. Dress for the life you Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetwant to live, the job you want to have, and the person you see yourself being. But don’t do think about it too much because then it doesn’t look natural, just have fun playing around with who you are. Be fierce.” ~ Darrin Von B.

Instagram: @_darrinvonb



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset“Fashion is about breaking the rules, what makes you, you. But all in good taste and that’s what’s really hard to find lol” -Maya Fletcher  Instagram: @milly_thekid

Fashion may seem like it is a simply superficial and archaic, but its not about the superficial things, but what is being expressed and what we can learn from a person through their style.

I have a fashion challenge for my readers: I challenge you to wear something that you normally wouldn’t wear and let me know how it goes! (Hopefully people read this and accept the challenge)

Social and Cultural exploration. Taking a journey through people and events. Supporting those with passions and those still looking. Welcoming Inspiration. *All original photos unless stated otherwise


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