Last of the College Tip Series: Take Some Time for Yourself

When dealing with the daily stresses of the world and college life it is easy to get caught up in everyone and everything else. Some days your world needs to revolve around you. It is crucial that you remember to take care of yourself and not worry so much about all the tasks that pull you in every direction. Even when you feel that things are good they could be better, or you are oblivious to the fact you are being consumed by stress and doubt that is bubbling under the surface. When the allusion of your reality breaks, when what you thought was ok and good fades away. You start to get into your own head and question yourself, doubting your abilities, goals, and focus. It all becomes a blur. In a college setting it is important to incorporate balance into your daily routine, don’t overwhelm yourself with assignments, extracurricular activities, and social events to the point you forget to take care of yourself which is the number one priority when you arrive on campus. Remember: to make time for yourself do things to relieve your stresses and make you happy, the things that keep you centered.

To make an effort to be generally happy or content on campus you have to be a little selfish, put yourself first every now and then so that you can keep your sanity. Here are a few suggestions to find or maintain your inner peace.

  • Plan for a mental health day: get all your work done ahead of time and take this day to catchup on some much needed sleep, pedicure( no matter the season) or anything that will help you relax.
  • Have a me, myself, and I day or afternoon: take this time to do something alone, because you should be able to hang out with yourself without going mad. If you want to go big go to the movies or dinner alone. If you want to do something on a smaller scale take a walk around campus and see where you end up. Even take an adventure into the city.
  • Spa day! This is self-explanatory, but if you can’t afford to go to an actual spa then have a DIY spa day. Give attention to everything from you head to your toes! And you can most of the items you need from the grocery store or your local convenient shop.

I hope you this series has provided  you with some insight into college and how to navigate through it all. 🙂


College Tip 12: What Drives You?

It is always hard finding a job in college and after, but it is harder to determine what you are going to do once you find a job. When you are applying do you apply to the job or internship that will bring in the big bucks, but has nothing to do with your interests or the jobs that pays nothing, but relates to your interest and passions? This is a crossroads that many students face when trying to establish themselves, money or what makes you happy. Approaching this problem has many factors that are based on society’s expectations and the opinions of your parents or those who guide you. And even though your parents will say “do what makes you happy” doing what make you as a person happy may not mirror the wants of your family. At this point it is crucial to remember that you need to live for yourself and not for anyone else, as well as to sit down and really evaluate what you want to do. I know it is hard to do something different than what you parents want for it may affect how they see and feel about you, but it is important to be honest with yourself before anyone else. However this all correlates with determining what will make you happy in the long run. Best way to pick is a pros and cons list or just listen to what your gut tells you.

Another way to look at this issue is how secure you will feel in the long run. Are you comfortable with struggling with the job you love, but doesn’t pay well or do you not mind being true to yourself but finically secure? When thinking about the future in terms of money it is obviously clear which path you would want to choose.

Honestly, there will be a point in your college career where you might start to freak out about your future, thinking it is going to be complicated, but it is just important to do whatever makes you happy ( I know that sounds corny, but it is true!)

College Tip 12: Think Beyond The Word

There is a never ending cycle for college students when trying to apply for jobs and internships that ask for experience, but the obstacle in the cycle is where can you get experience. The constant question is how are you to get experience if an employer won’t give you a chance, an opportunity to learn and receive the knowledge and skills that everyone expects you to have. I believe the trick to this is not to be so literal and close-minded with the word “experience” just because you don’t have the exact type of skill set the employer may be referring to. At the end of the day you are skilled in something or multiple things that could be great assets to a company or organization. When deciding what skills you possess that will bring you closer to an opportunity it is important to think like an ice cream cone meaning to think generally then specifically about what you can offer. The reality of the matter is that when it is all said and done if the job or internship is right for you something you say or are equipped with will get you in the door whether it’s the language and hook of your cover letter or the extent of your resume.

Additionally, with finding your place in the work world it is important that you don’t limit yourself to one type of work because that can limit your skill set. Yes have a focus, but think of different ways to apply your focus and interests to various types of opportunities. This will benefit you in the long run displaying your ability to adapt and thrive in different work environments. As a versatile individual your well-rounded background makes you a more valuable asset.

Another, aspect of gaining information includes gaining life experience. A paying job or unpaid job aren’t the only ways to gain knowledge, but accessing avenues of volunteering and networking can provide you with information that will help you prosper in the future. Volunteering with the right companies offer a sort of symbiotic relationship where each party benefits.

Remember when an applying for something when they ask for experience it doesn’t not have to be limited to what you have done in that field or focus, but can include volunteering, work you have done with your family, and of course related classes.

College Tip 11: Text Sanity

Happy New Year!  & Have a Great Spring Semester!

My First Tip of the New Year!

Have you ever gotten really upset with your friends or family for ignoring a text? Maybe, but not as upset as when the person you “like-like” ignores your text or sends you an “I’m busy” text. That is when things can get a little hectic and emotions run haywire. Your mind just jumps to all the craziest conclusions and it takes a toll on your emotions. The impact on your emotions may start to compromise how you feel about the person and even how you feel about yourself. Generally these thoughts are irrational and not the reality of the situation. However in today’s society texts and more so ignored texts hold too much weight. Honestly, text messages have too much power to the point where they are constantly ruining relationships and people’s perceptions. What is it about a text or a certain phrase in a text that triggers a person to become crazy? Perhaps it is because people have little trust in on another, but wish to be in a relationship. Maybe it’s the lack of honesty when people communicate using technology. That without hearing the actual tone and seeing the body language in a conversation something is misconstrued.

So what can you do to help remove some of the power from an ignored text and “I’m busy” text that will help you keep your sanity?

  1. Put down the phone! Do something to distract you and get out of your own head, then come back to it. There is no point in causing more stress for yourself waiting around for the other person.
  2. Approach it calmly: Don’t send a thousand more texts to try and get their attention that won’t help.
  3. The world doesn’t revolve around you: people are BUSY, living their lives trying to better themselves, even though a text can be sent in a second, you have to realize that you are not the only thing going on in their lives try to put yourself in their shoes.
  4. Don’t read too much into it because more than likely you are reading the wrong thing
  5. Communicate with Grace: yelling at someone gets you nowhere, but creates more issues. If you chose to discuss whatever was discussed through text dialogue and converse don’t debate and argue.


College Tip 10: The Power of a Bath

College students are always under the scrutiny of society, academia, and their own personal lives which only brings stress and self-neglect since these students are constantly trying to balance their social, personal, and academic lives this imbalance generally alludes to breakdowns or trying to sleep away the stress and strife that just creates more problems. On most campuses there are resources that help support the mental and emotional stress of its students, however often times the available resources aren’t known about or have a stigma that keeps the students away. So this leaves these young women in emotional frenzies that can’t be stopped unless rock bottom is hit or an epiphany is had. Yet, everyone copes with their stress differently like exercise, reading, sex, and more. However the best under acknowledged resource is a bath, for those who commute or live in apartments, but for those who don’t’ any body of water that you can relax in counts. The classic bubble bath is arguably one of the best way to combat stress and a cluttered head. It provides a way to wash away your day and thoughts that connect you to your stress. A bath in the literal cleanses you of dirt, but figuratively cleanses you from whatever has you stuck and holding yourself back. It gives you the opportunity to clear your head and just be or even just helps you organize your thoughts. The mind and body are peaceful and restful in a bath, stress-less, worry-less. An overdue bubble baths help recharge the mental and emotional batteries of a person or simply just creates a safe place, a place of comfort.

However, what makes a bath a safe place besides washing away the day, is the ambiance of the room and the ingredients of the bath water. Even though the ambiance and the ingredients aren’t the most important factors they add to the calming and stress relieving effect.

  • Ambiance: should be whatever makes you feel at relaxed and comfortable. For example soft music, candles, and incense.
  • Ingredients: even though you not making a stew there are plenty materials that can be added to bath water for a more relaxing soak and beautifying purposes. To name a few items that can enhance your bath experience are
    • Rosewater and coconut milk
    • Honey
    • Bath salts
    • Bubbles of course
    • Essential oils: lilac, lavender, rosemary, jasmine, lemon, and chamomile

Side Note: I am on Winter Break, there will be no school talk or college tips until classes resume!

College Tip 9: Denim Dreams

It was a long long time there was a fabric that changed the world. Denim. The many colors and cuts, the durability, and the usage of the fabric is limitless to this day. This fashion staple has been revolutionary and everyone incorporates this fabric into their style from farmers to fashionistas and CEO’s to children. Denim, jeans makes the world go round. So as a college student when your life is about self-expression how denim can be incorporated in that journey? Well denim has been created in every piece of clothing from shirts, pants, jackets, and hats the only thing I haven’t seen are denim socks! Honestly, I believe denim can do anything and perfect for every season. But back to how denim correlates to college life and freedom of self-expression is that you can find it all at the thrift store, not the expensive stuff that’s a waste of money and hard to fit. Additionally jean and can be manipulated however you see fit putting your personal stamp on it. People tend to paint it, stich other fabrics to it, and make whole new creations out of their basic denim purchases they make it an extension of themselves.

A large part of why people love this copious fabric is that besides that it is in abundance it comes in types of variations, all different shades or “washes”: dark, medium, light, acid as well as different fits: straight leg, skinny, wide leg, boot cut, and so much more. All these variations coincide with the vast amount of people who wear them. Now the thrift store offers these choices and more which makes the thrift store a denim lover’s dream. Additionally this material on a college campus is a dream because a pair of jeans can be worn at least 3 times before hitting the wash well unless there is a stain of course.

Now that we’ve explored the practicality of denim or “serge de Nîmes” let’s look at some interesting was to put it into your closet besides as pants.

  • Shirt: a shirt made from this material depending on the seasons offers a warm layer that can be paired with a solid or patterned bottom giving you a clean chic look or even a laid back type of look.
  • Dress: a dress is so versatile with this fabric for it offers you the change to dress it up or down.
  • Overalls: a great denim creation that was used to do heavy work that has resurfaced as a trend is a fun way to go about your day on a day with little to know classes or meetings. Plus the pockets are amazing!

College Tip 8: Personal Style

It is inevitable that when you come to campus you will want to establish yourself on the social playing field and will want to look your best without having to work too hard for it or get too focused on how you look and forget about the books. Balance is hard to find in college, especially in the beginning. However if you are a fashionista before stepping on to campus you have nothing to deal with, but for everyone else how do you define your personal style if you have one and if you don’t finding one won’t be that difficult.

Now creating or defining your personal style all begins with inspiration whether it’s from a movie, an era, a city, or just based on how comfortable you feel in the clothes. Yet it is important to know that yes the clothes are a factor, but your confidence plays a larger role. The embodied confidence in the person wearing the clothes, make the clothes look better, not the pattern or cut. Additionally fashion inspiration can be found on the many fashion blogs that focus on pictures and items of clothing. The second factor of incorporating a personal style on campus is that it isn’t too expensive and is easy to put on in a rush. Nothing is wrong with wearing leggings and a sweatshirt all the time or even sweatpants, but after a while you blind in with everyone else. That becomes the unofficial uniform for college women. However claiming your own style results in you making your own uniform, your personal go-to style that can include a lot of neutral tones, dresses, great sweatshirts etc. Whatever you feel is essential to your wardrobe if you aren’t interested in creating “looks” and outfits throughout the week.

Another aspect of developing a style is accessories if you rather wear a really basic outfit standout with some great accent pieces like a hat, necklace, watch, scarves, bags, bracelets and all that jazz. If you want to play down your clothes, play it up with your accessories! There are many more tips, but I think the most important tip in constructing a style is how you decide to combine what you wear to who you are. The outfits you make should reflect who you are and not who you see in the magazines or TV screens, when you get dressed it is all about you.

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