Sydney Clark: Seemingly Simple

In life we are  always meeting people  and these people may or may not have an immediate purpose, its’ all about timing.  I have know Sydney since my freshmen year in High School we had the same homeroom, back then we were just cordial to one another. She graduated before me and left for college it didn’t really impact me. I pretty much felt our relationship would consist of Facebook comments and likes.  However she transferred to my University and our relationship evolved from  acquaintance  to friend to sister-friend. She is one of the people in my life who motivates me in many ways. I have encountered many  people in my life who exude  selfishness and mediocrity, Sydney unknowingly provides strength and comfort, which compliments her uniqueness and sincerity.  This woman has impeccable timing. Then she was someone I barely knew and now is someone I cherish. Our friendship reminds me that time is  an extraordinary concept, and when we think or blame time for not being on our side, we have have to remember only time will tell  ( I am a cornball lol).

What is it about Nutrition that moves you?

What I love most about nutrition is the fact that it can make or break you. Such small molecules/chemicals/minerals etc compose the body and either make it run like a well oiled machine or just slow you down, and that option is “entirely” up to the person. I also love the human component of nutrition. Everyone is different and every person presents their challenges in different ways. And while the suggestion may be the same, more whole foods etc, the delivery is ALWAYS different.

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Spirit Animal: Hawk. I see them around campus/when I’m driving and have taken them to be my sign of good luck and that something good is going to happen. 

Birthday: Feb 19th 
Favorite word:
New. I like trying new things, especially food. Meeting new people is tough for me, I like to observe a group of people first and listen. I try to figure out who I can play with/who’s fun and that’s not always the loudest person in the group. It’s usually the other quiet person. But I’m in the ‘service’ industry so I know I can start conversation and small talk but no one likes that. It’s hard to start conversation when I’m not in my work mentality or super happy and excited. But NEW food, NEW clothes, NEW challenges are exciting and scary and it’s great when you can overcome all that.
Who do you think you are?
Loaded question. I think I’m the person people tend to go to when they want the truth. When they want a real approach to things, but honestly I think I’m an adventurer. I want to travel. I’m trying to figure out how to do that while working. I think that’s why I’ve never had a vision of a career for myself. I’ve always seen working as a means to an end. It’s just a way for me to get money to fund trips and my dream home/life. 

What’s your thing?
I have started to feel as though my “thing” has become to be a ‘refreshment’ for people. That sounds weird but I enjoy it when I’m with a friend and we can just unwind together and calm down, and I can remind them (be it verbally or through simple presence) that their stresses can wait and aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things. For example, we just got a new GM at the place I work. He put in maybe 100 hours in his first week and is visibly worried about making everything work. I try to not be an added stress for one, but also remind him that he has people to help him and that work will never be more important than home life and that his work is appreciated. My current job has really made me realize the importance of making people feel heard and appreciated. 

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What is the message you want to convey?

The message I want to convey to others is that yes life is hard, but you can make it what you want it to be. I understand environmental circumstances might beat you down but you can’t give up. You have to keep going. 

Personal Philosophy:
Take time for you. I’m a pretty selfish person in all honesty. Some would say that’s a bad thing. But I believe there is a balance to be had between consideration and selfishness.I think some people need to be reminded that they’re not in this world to please others. If you don’t want to do something, don’t. If people don’t want to hang out that day and you want to go out, go and do it! Don’t wait for other people to help you/do things for you. They’re busy concerned with themselves. So you be concerned about you! It’s not bad. (but do make time for others lol). 
Random fact?
I constantly tell my boyfriend “fun facts” throughout the day. Just passing thoughts and realizations I’ve come too. I wish he would do the same but hey, we’re different people. lol 

How did come across your passion?
I came across nutrition during high school and I was looking for something to do. I wanted to help people but not be a doctor. I wanted a major that would let me work right after school. I didn’t want to go to grad school (That’s changed though). I say that because I wanted to do psychology and I should have listened to my gut. Anywho, my mom was seeing a dietitian at the time and I went in to meet her and she just resonated with me. It seemed to fit what I wanted to do. I could go to work right after school (or so I thought) and there is major job growth in the field and they don’t make bad money. 

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When/where did it all begin:

My nutrition education began in Boston at Boston University. Figuring out what I REALLY WANTED to do has solidified this year. I want to focus more on counseling about nutrition and wellness. I want to help people meet their goals for themselves. I want to help them realize things they never knew about themselves. 

Talk about your style both in how you dress and how you create.
I think my style developed when I was working for the Smithsonian. I needed business causal looks but I didn’t want them to be boring. I think those years were my great style years hahaha. Now, trying to get into the fitness industry, its changed to leggings, comfy sneakers, and long shirts. So comfortable! 

What’s your perspective of society today? or rather something that “grinds your gears’ about it:
What really ‘grinds my gears’ is the lack of consideration governing bodies have for the ‘little people.’ Most use the ‘little man’ as a stepping stone to get voted in and then subsequently does everything to hurt them. Even though they may not realize it and how one bill connects to another issue. Take raising the minimum wage. Some would say it would be a detriment to business. However, if you raise the minimum wage, people can afford better food, then get healthier, decreasing health care cost then everyone saves money! Amazing how one thing can ripple like that. Trickle down doesn’t work, but maybe trickle up does! hahaha

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Who/what inspires you?/do you have a muse?
Active old people honestly inspire me. That’s what I aspire to be and want others to aspire to as well. You don’t have to be cranky half alive shell of a being. You can thrive in old age. You can be active and conquer your goals at that age. My grandmother is 84 and she never stops going places. She doesn’t walk quickly or anything but she attends events at National Geographic/Smithsonian/Howard. She always has something to talk about, something that she did that week. I want to be her. She’s traveled all over the world. She has literally been to 6/7 of the continents. She’s met 4 presidents, been on the board for the Smithsonian (you have to be approved by the Senate for that!) So I guess she’s my muse. 

Favorite Disney movie?
I was thinking about this question the longest because I love most of them. But Lion King kept coming up. It was just great and the sequel wasn’t terrible! like most of the other ones…
If you would like to reach out to Sydney to get her know her better or want nutrition tips she can be contacted via
  Instagram: @syd_vicious
Email :

Eva Woolridge: The Rarest Pokemon

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetAs a student and young adult I have learned the importance of keeping like-minded, honest, and kind people around you.  And in learning that lesson I can sincerely say that  Eva is one of the people who I want to keep in my life as learn more about myself and the world. She is an inspiring, intelligent, imaginative young woman and friend who  rubs off on me every time we speak. She motivates me to be more creative and more willing to explore the possibilities.  Eva gives me advice and guidance,  but mostly she is honest with me and will call me on my bullshit like it’s no tomorrow! (something I need every now and then) Her personality like her art is very expressive and draws you in once you meet her.  She is a treat…. and a bit of an  oddball tehe, but with all that said I am appreciative that  the universe has shipped us together as creatives, artists, friends, and sisters.

What do you love about art/being an artist?

I love being an artist because it’s a way I can really explain to people what I see in my head. People have ALWAYS said to me, “Eva I truly wonder what you think about sometimes, you have the wildest imagination,” and I am trying my hardest  to exhaust the  possibilities  that allow my audience to interact with  my mind.

When is your Birthday?

My birthday is March 9th—proud,                                                                   Pisces baby, and yes I am a zodiac believer.

What is your Spirit Animal?

My spirit animal is a Panda. I know this because when I meditate I often ask for guidance on who I am. When I ask this question, I continue to see a panda. As this vision continued to  re-emerge time and time again, I began to look up what a Panda meant in my dream book. Turns out a panda represents loyalty, compassion, sensitivity, and kindness—all things that I believe describe me, and so I was naturally a little freaked out, but my panda friend is always a chill guy!

What’s your personal Philosophy?

My personal philosophy is that everything really does happen for a reason. When one thing doesn’t work out, it was meant to happen to guide you somewhere else that is actually meant for you.


What attracted you to photography?

My photography journey began before I could even remember—as cliche as that sounds. My grandmother recently sent me a picture of myself as a toddler gazing through a camera, focusing on an unknown subject, so lets set the beginning as 5, haha. Growing up, I was visually pleased or curious by everything around me—everything I saw was aesthetically pleasing, whether it was the rays shining down into a forest bed or the calmness of a lake (I spent a lot of time camping haha). I spent a lot of experimenting with video graphing, filming, and the longest time wanted to be a director of documentaries—I even had a YouTube channel. One day in 2005 I was looking through some art books in my house—my parents are huge art collectors. I was looking at a photography book called SOUL by Thierry Le Goues. I LOVED the contrast of black and white, and the models were covered in black oil. I loved it, and that was the moment when I really became interested in photography.

Describe your Art Journey,  the start,middle, and  where you are now

My art journey is all over the place and never ending—thank goodness. Although I enjoyed art, I never really considered myself an artist, or talented enough. I had a pretty traditional high school experience—captain of the field hockey team, hung out with a pretty diverse group of friends, etc. My best friend at the time was a huge creative and art person, and I didn’t know it then, but I secretly was jealous—she had such an artistic vision that came naturally to her. She was a painter, designer, collage enthusiastic, jewelry maker, anything you could think of she did, while I was still trying to figure out what I was good at—I never thought that I would be an artist myself. With all of that, I still perused what I enjoyed, which was working with digital film and photography. Near the end of high school and into college, I slowly began to grow as a photographer and take myself more seriously—I was fortunate to have such talented friend who supported and encouraged me like Adam Easterling, Founder of Infinity. I created a Facebook page, began photographing events, and head shots, but I wasn’t satisfied—there was no creative freedom in photographing a commercialized event.

I wanted more, and one day before I took a shower I was standing naked in my living room looking out the window, and I thought “hmm this would be a pretty cool picture.” I had a point-and-shoot digital camera, placed it on a table against a book and set the timer. I did what I always did in the library in my house, I stood on my knees on the couch, and gazed out the window, except this time I was nude.

eva's Journey
Of Eva Woolridge by Eva Woolridge

This was so personal to me, and I wasn’t ashamed of it because I didn’t expect to show anyone, until I edited it in black and white. I was so proud of my bare body illuminated by a touch of natural light, that I wanted to show everyone—and that moment was when I realized, that I could be an artist, not just a hobbyist. From there, I have made my way producing my own nude series that recently have been sold in galleries, such as Peeled Paint.

How would you define your relationship with art/ your art?

If art were a person, I’d be fully committed to her for the rest of my life. There were moments in my life where I was depressed, and what pulled me out of depression was photography—my photography, not commercial events or head shots. I often photographed self-portraits of myself crying, breaking objects, anything really to release this pent up energy, and my goodness did it work. Never did I really understand the idea of self-expression until those moments—some of my most meaningful pieces are when I was the most emotional and passionate.

Do you ever feel reluctant of how people will perceive your pieces?

I used to be reluctant to show my photographs to people; it took 7 years to even tell people I was even interested in photography, let alone tell them I wanted it as a career. But once again, thanks for the creative push and support of my family and friends, I have never felt more creative freedom once coming out as an artist. I now welcome criticism with open arms.

What isProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset your Favorite Word?

My favorite word right now is convoluted: adjective

His convoluted answers did nothing to help his credibility: complicated, complex, involved, elaborate, serpentine, labyrinthine, tortuous, tangled, Byzantine; Rube Goldberg; confused, confusing, bewildering, baffling.ANTONYMS straightforward.I just think it’s a great word for complex.  Love it.

Random fact:

I have Synesthesia—I associate colors with numbers, letters and words. For example the number 2 is yellow in my head, and the number 6 is green, 8 is a dark, almost purple color. My dad’s name is Craig and it’s yellow, while my mom’s name Lori is a dark blue. I honestly thought everyone saw words and numbers with colors in their head, until I was talking to my mom about numbers in casual conversations. She and my brother think it’s the coolest thing—like a super power.  Here is an article on LiveScience that discusses SynesthesiaProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

What’s your perspective of society today? Or rather something that “grinds your gears” about it

My heart breaks for society today—well aspects of it. I am heartbroken by the international hate, violence and greed of humanity today, maybe its always been like this, but I feel awakened by the recent violence in and towards the black community including cases like  Trayvon Martin and the three Muslim students who were killed execution style last week. I don’t understand why people who disagree immediately go to violence, and it rips me into pieces. With the violence however comes a beacon of hope—the Millennial Generation is leaving a legacy of equality, social activism and protests to counter this violence, and I am so proud to be apart of such a powerful, and progressive generation.

Favorite Disney movie? Or figure of the past

My favorite Disney movie will forever be Mulan, and that’s hard for me to say because I am a HUGE Disney fanatic! Like huge, to the point where for my 17th Christmas present my mom bought me a Mulan doll haha. She is such a strong, female character who essentially fought for equality, even if that wasn’t her first motive. She’s smart and beautiful, and knew that she was different; she just had to find her path. I also am a die-hard Sailor Moon fan, and Serena was a huge role model for even as a cartoon. I related to her so much, she was sensitive, kind, loyal, outgoing, and goofy as hell—pretty much who I strive and ended up being haha.

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If you would like to contact Eva and view more of her work she can be reached at :

Online Gallery:

Email & Facebook:

Instagram: ewphotos1

 Have you had trouble developing you creative or artistic talent?

Last of the College Tip Series: Take Some Time for Yourself

When dealing with the daily stresses of the world and college life it is easy to get caught up in everyone and everything else. Some days your world needs to revolve around you. It is crucial that you remember to take care of yourself and not worry so much about all the tasks that pull you in every direction. Even when you feel that things are good they could be better, or you are oblivious to the fact you are being consumed by stress and doubt that is bubbling under the surface. When the allusion of your reality breaks, when what you thought was ok and good fades away. You start to get into your own head and question yourself, doubting your abilities, goals, and focus. It all becomes a blur. In a college setting it is important to incorporate balance into your daily routine, don’t overwhelm yourself with assignments, extracurricular activities, and social events to the point you forget to take care of yourself which is the number one priority when you arrive on campus. Remember: to make time for yourself do things to relieve your stresses and make you happy, the things that keep you centered.

To make an effort to be generally happy or content on campus you have to be a little selfish, put yourself first every now and then so that you can keep your sanity. Here are a few suggestions to find or maintain your inner peace.

  • Plan for a mental health day: get all your work done ahead of time and take this day to catchup on some much needed sleep, pedicure( no matter the season) or anything that will help you relax.
  • Have a me, myself, and I day or afternoon: take this time to do something alone, because you should be able to hang out with yourself without going mad. If you want to go big go to the movies or dinner alone. If you want to do something on a smaller scale take a walk around campus and see where you end up. Even take an adventure into the city.
  • Spa day! This is self-explanatory, but if you can’t afford to go to an actual spa then have a DIY spa day. Give attention to everything from you head to your toes! And you can most of the items you need from the grocery store or your local convenient shop.

I hope you this series has provided  you with some insight into college and how to navigate through it all.🙂

College Tip 12: What Drives You?

It is always hard finding a job in college and after, but it is harder to determine what you are going to do once you find a job. When you are applying do you apply to the job or internship that will bring in the big bucks, but has nothing to do with your interests or the jobs that pays nothing, but relates to your interest and passions? This is a crossroads that many students face when trying to establish themselves, money or what makes you happy. Approaching this problem has many factors that are based on society’s expectations and the opinions of your parents or those who guide you. And even though your parents will say “do what makes you happy” doing what make you as a person happy may not mirror the wants of your family. At this point it is crucial to remember that you need to live for yourself and not for anyone else, as well as to sit down and really evaluate what you want to do. I know it is hard to do something different than what you parents want for it may affect how they see and feel about you, but it is important to be honest with yourself before anyone else. However this all correlates with determining what will make you happy in the long run. Best way to pick is a pros and cons list or just listen to what your gut tells you.

Another way to look at this issue is how secure you will feel in the long run. Are you comfortable with struggling with the job you love, but doesn’t pay well or do you not mind being true to yourself but finically secure? When thinking about the future in terms of money it is obviously clear which path you would want to choose.

Honestly, there will be a point in your college career where you might start to freak out about your future, thinking it is going to be complicated, but it is just important to do whatever makes you happy ( I know that sounds corny, but it is true!)

College Tip 12: Think Beyond The Word

There is a never ending cycle for college students when trying to apply for jobs and internships that ask for experience, but the obstacle in the cycle is where can you get experience. The constant question is how are you to get experience if an employer won’t give you a chance, an opportunity to learn and receive the knowledge and skills that everyone expects you to have. I believe the trick to this is not to be so literal and close-minded with the word “experience” just because you don’t have the exact type of skill set the employer may be referring to. At the end of the day you are skilled in something or multiple things that could be great assets to a company or organization. When deciding what skills you possess that will bring you closer to an opportunity it is important to think like an ice cream cone meaning to think generally then specifically about what you can offer. The reality of the matter is that when it is all said and done if the job or internship is right for you something you say or are equipped with will get you in the door whether it’s the language and hook of your cover letter or the extent of your resume.

Additionally, with finding your place in the work world it is important that you don’t limit yourself to one type of work because that can limit your skill set. Yes have a focus, but think of different ways to apply your focus and interests to various types of opportunities. This will benefit you in the long run displaying your ability to adapt and thrive in different work environments. As a versatile individual your well-rounded background makes you a more valuable asset.

Another, aspect of gaining information includes gaining life experience. A paying job or unpaid job aren’t the only ways to gain knowledge, but accessing avenues of volunteering and networking can provide you with information that will help you prosper in the future. Volunteering with the right companies offer a sort of symbiotic relationship where each party benefits.

Remember when an applying for something when they ask for experience it doesn’t not have to be limited to what you have done in that field or focus, but can include volunteering, work you have done with your family, and of course related classes.

College Tip 11: Text Sanity

Happy New Year!  & Have a Great Spring Semester!

My First Tip of the New Year!

Have you ever gotten really upset with your friends or family for ignoring a text? Maybe, but not as upset as when the person you “like-like” ignores your text or sends you an “I’m busy” text. That is when things can get a little hectic and emotions run haywire. Your mind just jumps to all the craziest conclusions and it takes a toll on your emotions. The impact on your emotions may start to compromise how you feel about the person and even how you feel about yourself. Generally these thoughts are irrational and not the reality of the situation. However in today’s society texts and more so ignored texts hold too much weight. Honestly, text messages have too much power to the point where they are constantly ruining relationships and people’s perceptions. What is it about a text or a certain phrase in a text that triggers a person to become crazy? Perhaps it is because people have little trust in on another, but wish to be in a relationship. Maybe it’s the lack of honesty when people communicate using technology. That without hearing the actual tone and seeing the body language in a conversation something is misconstrued.

So what can you do to help remove some of the power from an ignored text and “I’m busy” text that will help you keep your sanity?

  1. Put down the phone! Do something to distract you and get out of your own head, then come back to it. There is no point in causing more stress for yourself waiting around for the other person.
  2. Approach it calmly: Don’t send a thousand more texts to try and get their attention that won’t help.
  3. The world doesn’t revolve around you: people are BUSY, living their lives trying to better themselves, even though a text can be sent in a second, you have to realize that you are not the only thing going on in their lives try to put yourself in their shoes.
  4. Don’t read too much into it because more than likely you are reading the wrong thing
  5. Communicate with Grace: yelling at someone gets you nowhere, but creates more issues. If you chose to discuss whatever was discussed through text dialogue and converse don’t debate and argue.


College Tip 10: The Power of a Bath

College students are always under the scrutiny of society, academia, and their own personal lives which only brings stress and self-neglect since these students are constantly trying to balance their social, personal, and academic lives this imbalance generally alludes to breakdowns or trying to sleep away the stress and strife that just creates more problems. On most campuses there are resources that help support the mental and emotional stress of its students, however often times the available resources aren’t known about or have a stigma that keeps the students away. So this leaves these young women in emotional frenzies that can’t be stopped unless rock bottom is hit or an epiphany is had. Yet, everyone copes with their stress differently like exercise, reading, sex, and more. However the best under acknowledged resource is a bath, for those who commute or live in apartments, but for those who don’t’ any body of water that you can relax in counts. The classic bubble bath is arguably one of the best way to combat stress and a cluttered head. It provides a way to wash away your day and thoughts that connect you to your stress. A bath in the literal cleanses you of dirt, but figuratively cleanses you from whatever has you stuck and holding yourself back. It gives you the opportunity to clear your head and just be or even just helps you organize your thoughts. The mind and body are peaceful and restful in a bath, stress-less, worry-less. An overdue bubble baths help recharge the mental and emotional batteries of a person or simply just creates a safe place, a place of comfort.

However, what makes a bath a safe place besides washing away the day, is the ambiance of the room and the ingredients of the bath water. Even though the ambiance and the ingredients aren’t the most important factors they add to the calming and stress relieving effect.

  • Ambiance: should be whatever makes you feel at relaxed and comfortable. For example soft music, candles, and incense.
  • Ingredients: even though you not making a stew there are plenty materials that can be added to bath water for a more relaxing soak and beautifying purposes. To name a few items that can enhance your bath experience are
    • Rosewater and coconut milk
    • Honey
    • Bath salts
    • Bubbles of course
    • Essential oils: lilac, lavender, rosemary, jasmine, lemon, and chamomile

Side Note: I am on Winter Break, there will be no school talk or college tips until classes resume!